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What's up with Eley Team ammunition

By 6 years ago 12299 Views No comments

Eley Team demystified, somewhat.

If you search for Eley Team reviews or description you will find very little. There are some theories on other forums and Eley webpage offers nothing.

We are fortunate that we have been able to acquire some quantity of it and offer it to our customers so I thought it would be prudent to find out little more about this mystery ammo line from Eley.

While attending ISSF World Cup in Munich, I caught up with Eley and was able to get some information. I was surprised how open they were and they actually confirmed some of the theories I had personally about it.

First of all Eley team is the entry grade of the EPS bullet offered by Eley. Eley Match and Tennex being the other two higher grades.

Eley calls these "white bullets", because they look lighter compared with he rest of the Eley ammo line.

According to Eley they do not produce Eley Team, it is rather a byproduct of lower quality run of Tennex or Match production.

More importantly for us consumers is: "How is this ammo compared to others in the same price bracket?"

The short answer is: It can be really good. What do I mean can be good? .22lr guns are generally very picky and you will have to test to see what your gun likes.

Eley Team is above Eley Club and our opinion significantly more consistent. It would be competitive with Lapua Center X, both in price and quality.

So that question remains. Should you get some and is it available?

We suggest that you should try it and compare it to the other ammo that you are either using.

Another option is to try out our Mid range Ammo Sampler and see how it stacks up.

We still have good supply of it, but it is not infinite and when it runs out it will likely not be available in Canada for a long time if ever.