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SnapSafe - Under Bed Safes

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UNDER BED SAFE: MEDIUM Exterior: 26"W x 5"H x 20"D Weight: 51 lbs

UNDER BED SAFE: LARGE Exterior: 40"W x 6"H x 22"D Weight: 105 lbs

UNDER BED SAFE: XXL Exterior: 48"W x 7”H x 24”D Weight: 150 lbs

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Product Description



  • Slide-out drawer accommodates firearms, jewelry, documents, and more.
  • Digital lock with key backup can be programmed with 3 to 8 digit access code.
  • Pry-resistant door keeps children and unauthorized users from gaining access.
  • Constructed of 14-gauge heavy-duty steel, with pre-drilled holes for permanent installation.
  • Robust 5-foot cable provides added security when anchored to a stationary object.
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Keep Valuables Safe in Your Home or Vehicle

Out of sight, out of mind, the saying goes. With SnapSafe Specialty Safes, your valuable belongings will be out of the sight of ne’er-do- wells, and you’ll have peace of mind, knowing that they’re not only hidden but also secure.

In your home or in your vehicle, SnapSafe has options that fit your space and provide protection for valuables such as rifles and handguns, tools and equipment, jewelry and collections, tablets and laptops, and important documents, like your passport or legal papers.

Security comes first with Under Bed Safes


Pry-resistant door keeps children and unauthorized users from getting inside.

Security Cable

Use the robust 3-foot cable to anchor the safe to a stationary object.

Bolt it Down

Or permanently install in your home or vehicle with pre-drilled bolt holes.

Code or Key

Program digital lock with 3- to 8-digit access code, or use the backup key.
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Under Bed Safes

The SnapSafe Under Bed Safe XXL and Under Bed Safe Large represent a huge step up from hiding your money under the mattress. These safes easily slip under the bed, so you don’t have to find room for a bulky safe somewhere around the house.

Medium exterior dimensions:

  • 26 inches wide
  • 5 inches high
  • 20 inches deep
  • Weight 51 lb

Large exterior dimensions:

  • 40 inches wide
  • 6 inches high
  • 22 inches deep
  • Weight 105 lb

XXL exterior dimensions:

  • 48 inches wide
  • 7 inches high
  • 24 inches deep
  • Weight 150 lb
The Under Bed Safe is convenient, tough and strong — made of 14-gauge steel with a drawer rated for 150 pounds.

Safe & Out of Sight

Under Bed Safes make a great place to safely stow long guns, handguns, binoculars and other gear at your hunting cabin. Even when you’re not there, you’ll know things are secure. Or store cash, important documents, medications, your laptop or family heirlooms safely at home.

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SnapSafe® Under Bed Safe XXL

Store valuable belongings out of sight while maintaining easy access.


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