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SCATT USB Sensor Only

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Computer-controlled aiming point graphics and measurements

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Product Description


Computer-controlled aiming point graphics and measurements

Infrared-System for Target Rifles and -Pistols. Based on the latest ideas from world-class international shooters. For both home training and live firing with air and .22 calibre.



the next genaration. Simple, comfortable and many options to extend the system. For dry and life firing. For use of young shooters and the safe presentation of shooting to the public. The professinonal system with many analyse functions. Contains the SCATTPRO software for display and analyses. Acustic signal for blind shooters (experimental). Many national teams trust this system since more then 20 years.

Sensor (35 gramm only!) and the target will be connected through the USB connector to your PC. For the calibration a single calibration shot is necessary only (no screws, no tools and long calibration secence).

Target frames are: the 10 Meter AR/AP frame (basic kit), which can be used from 4-10 metre. The distance will be automatically detected.


When you acquire SCATT-Solution, you buy what is truly at present the most capable training system in the shooting sports. The set-up shows beginners and improvers the way to systematic training. The intuitive graphic display leads them automatically along the path of improved skills. By using Scatt, good and very good shooters discover the decisive elements of their technique, and can then optimise each tiny detail, which together are absolutely necessary for world-class performance.

The most fundamental feature of Scatt is that it displays movement. By making visible the point of aim on the target, observations which once were completely hidden now from the centre of attention. How does the gun approach the point of aim, where is the holding area, how still can the shooter hold it? In addition, the characteristics of trigger release and follow-through can also be studied, even the characteristics of the rifle and ammunition can be analysed.



  • Exact measurement over 5-10 metre distances
  • Simple to operate
  • Sensor weight only 35 grammes
  • Menu-operated through windows
  • Wide-ranging data processing
  • High resolution
  • Numerous analysis functions
  • Online-Help and updates
  • For Windows 98, ME, 2000, WIN XP, WIN7, WIN8 (32/64)
  • From Olympic Air Rifle champion, World champion and World recordholder Artem Khadjibekov


The display from each series also delivers a wide range of statistical revelations, which can also be compared with previous performances or with the abilities of others. The team behind Scatt-Solution is innovative and continually working on new developments. Since Autumn 2000 it has become possible to extend the set-up to permit 50 metre .22 shooting, meanwhile the menu and software are being improved, made more user-friendly and expanding the range of features offered. At the same time the Scatt software is updated to keep pace with the changing world of computer technology, so that you can use it with the newest generation of Windows operating system.

Getting going with Scatt training takes a bit of learning. The gun, hardware, computer and software have to be orientated and one has to learn how to use the system effectively. Our User Manual in German is available as a pdf-file for download in order to help you make the first steps. Over and above this, we have also included some special interpretations and we give you practical tips for your shooting technique.

In spite of such instructions, the Scatt system remains an open system which offers an apparently inexhaustible source of discoveries. The deeper you go into this labyrinth, the more you will find out about the true nature of the shot in itself. We wish you lots of pleasure and sporting success as a result of your discoveries.




System requirements

IBM compatibler Computer, 350 Mhz or higher, 32 MB RAM, CD-ROM device, SVGA 800x600 monitor, 2 free USB connectors, OS WIN 98, 2000, ME, XP, Vista, WIN7, WIN8 (32/64bit). IE 4.01 or higher required.


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