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CZ - Tactical Sport TS Orange 2 ORANGE c.9MM 5" BBL (CZ 75)

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Borrowing features from the Czechmate, the Orange is a whole new Tactical Sport!

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Product Description


Weapons of masters and the best pistols in the world for the Standard and Open divisions of IPSC

Although the primary focus of Česká zbrojovka a.s. is on factory production, the company also makes special models for its phenomenal Shooting Team. These pistols are specially modified to be as accurate and reliable as possible. 

The CZ 75 TACTICAL SPORTS (TS) model series has been created with the aim of offering this championship quality to a wider circle of customers. These pistols are chiefly intended for the Standard and Open divisions of IPSC, they are made in small volumes and are finely tuned in the factory to offer top results straight from the box.  

Pistol CZ 75 TS ORANGE

A top of the range sport special for the Standard Division in IPSC. The hand fitted barrel has a significantly longer lifetime, there is distinctive checkering on the pistol grip which, together with an undercut trigger guard and deep beavertail, improves the overall ergonomics and control. New features include a modified safety set (a wide left safety and a flat right one), enlarged aluminium magazine release and an aluminium trigger.

Turning the Tactical Sport up a notch, the Orange borrows a number of design features from the Czechmate and incorporates a few of its own. With the slimmer trigger guard, revised grip geometry and finer checkering from the Czechmate frame, it adds a thumb stop and fully-adjustable target sights.

With the same long slide and full-length dust cover as the standard TS, it also shares the single-action-only trigger, giving it an incredibly light pull and short reset, making it a joy to shoot at the range and deadly in competition.

Parameters and technical data

  • Height/width/lenght
    150/45/225 mm
  • Barrel length
    130 mm
  • Weight
    1,27 kg
  • Caliber
  • Magazine capacity
    10 (9×19) 
  • Sights
    Fibre optic front sight | Height adjustable visor
  • Trigger
  • Frame
  • Grips
  • Safety features
    Safety notch | Manual safety
  • Size

Additional Information

Additional Information

Caliber 9mm
Trigger Weight n/a
Weight 1.18
Dimensions(L/W/H) 209/42/150
Sight Radius n/a
Front Sight n/a
Barrel Length 114/120


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