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Rifle-Bi Pod

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"TEC-HRO V2" is a bipod for your sport-rifle. The two feet can be folded up and down easily without any additional button. The bipod can remain mounted if required during shooting as weight (80g) at the gun! (ISSF-conform !!!) Mounting at the rifle without tool!! Feet are longer than at the most other bi-pods on market - so the barrel gets no contact to the ground !! A bipod facilitates the rebuilding and cleaning the weapon and prevents scratches on the stock or damage to the bolt when the rifle is otherwise placed laterally. Suitable for stocks from: Feinwerkbau (FWB), Anschütz, AHG, Walther, MEC, TESRO, Grünig & Elmiger, Bleiker, DE-JO ...


It's a BipodReview by Allan KCMO
I was looking for a new bipod that would not mar the finish of my stock. It became a tossup between Tec-Hro and Anschutz which are both the same price.

The Tec-Hro won out since it folds up smaller when retracted.

(Posted on 2017-06-05)

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