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MEC Handstop

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MEC Handstop

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Product Description


Individually adjustable hand stop

  • Moveable on the side
  • Variable height elevation
  • Two possibilities for connecting the sling ring
  • Optimal form and function
  • Moves in the track without any tool
  • Can be offset

Take for example the Handstop for prone and kneeling shooting. The first characteristic of this accessory is the comfort it offers. The pressure-pain in the hand is noticeably reduced, even when the competition drags out, because the shape has been formed to the position of the hand on the stock. This design is further supported by the various adjustment possibilities to the height, the width and the angle; large and small hands are equally well accommodated. One detail of this handstop is the ability to slide it back and forth without the use of a tool. If you ever felt the need to adjust a few millimetres when in position, you will know how valuable this is.

For many shooters, the handstop and its uses isa book with seven seals. Study the positions of alot of shooters, and if you know what to look for, you will see again and again, simple mistakes which at first lead to pain in the left hand and then later, when the results list is published, also painin the soul.The first and fore most consideration for the slingpositions is a suitable cross-section of the stock. Wide profiles force small hands into a spread-outand therefore tense position. Add the pressurefrom the weight, the sling and the long shootingtimes and this mess quickly becomes a physicaltorture, which dulls all attempts at concentration and above all, takes the fun out of things. Sowhen buying a rifle, look for a fore-end that is slimenough. If necessary, get your stock profiled.

The same goes for the handstop, here too a slimprofile and adjustability are the keys. Especiallythe younger shooters who are beginning with airrifle three positions shooting, are dependent ongood advice from their coaches in matters such as this.

Good handstops can be adjusted sideways, so that the thumb can be lightly positioned alongside the stock. This little difference helps not only to reduce the tensions in the hand, it helps to provide a 'cleaner' recoil as the shot breaks. This is a significant secret, especially in the smallbore disciplines. The shot will only impact at the point you expect, when the muzzle jumps cleanly.


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