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Lapua - 8 x 57 IS Reloading Cases x 100 - Box of 100

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Lapua - 8 x 57 IS Reloading Cases x 100 - Box of 100
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Truly one of the world’s great cartridges, the 8x57mm IS was perhaps the first incarnation of today’s modern sporting and hunting ammunition. When the cartridge was introduced in 1905, its innovative use of a high velocity and relatively light weight pointed bullet design revolutionized infantry combat. This caused virtually every army around the globe to redesign their own service rifles to accept similar bullets, merely to keep pace with this new development. An outgrowth on the original 8x57J military round, the 8x57mm IS round served the German military in both world wars, and became a popular sporting cartridge in any area where there was a strong German influence. From African plains game to European stag and boar, the 8mm Mauser has earned an enviable reputation as a big game round in a wide array of conditions. Accurate, versatile and powerful, the 8x57mm IS still serves the sporting community well for a host of hunting applications. Finally, in answer to the requests of the many devotees of this fine cartridge, Lapua is pleased to announce our introduction of the new 8x57mm IS case. This new offering follows in our usual standards of unmatched quality, using only the finest materials. With cartridge brass blended to our exacting specifications and then drawn to precise dimensional standards, the new 8x57mm IS will deliver the same accurate, reliable performance for which Lapua cases are world renowned. This means tough, durable cases that will not only withstand repeated loadings, but retain their accuracy shot after shot. Offering very tight tolerances in neck wall concentricity and overall uniformity, the handloading community will find these new cases to be the perfect choice for getting many of these fine rifles back into the fields again cartridges, such as the 7mm Remington Magnum, the 7mm WSM and SAUM, this addition rounds out Lapua’s line for an incredibly wide array of competive disciplines.

Sold in Boxes of 100.


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