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Knobloch Shooting Glasses - K2

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Basic shooting glasses ideal for rilfe shooters with extreme positions and archery
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Product Description


Due to the slanted nose piece which is placed outwards, the K2 model is ideally suitable for rifle shooters and archers with an extreme firing position.

The shifted attached nose piece (makes it possible to aim), with an extreme slant over the nose without disturbing pieces getting in the sight line.

These glasses are available, according to the prescription , for right or left aiming shooters.

They are delivered as a standard type with a ⌀ 23 mm lensholder and a 165 mm ear piece.

You can choose between the standard or ⌀ 37 mm lensholder and ear pieces of different lengths.

Model K2 Material:


  • Nickel silver ruthenium coated
  • High-grade steel
  • Silicone
  • Thermoplast



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