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Ballistol - GunCer Gun Oil 200ml Spay

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Gun Oil Cleans and removes all types of bore fouling. Cleaning with Ballistol will save you time, minimize the need for brushing, and also form a protective film on your firearm. Due to its slight alkalinity, Ballistol neutralizes and dissolves black powder and corrosive ammo residue. In addition, Ballistol will beautify gun stocks, and prevent them from drying out. As a lubricant, Ballistol will never gum up or harden. With Ballistol, your entire firearm will stay lubricated and protected.

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Product Description


Ballistol Gun Oil is a High Performance oil with a ceramic additive suitable for gun tuning. To be used with all mechanical parts.

The special ceramic-additive ensures high perfomance and shot accuracy even under extreme conditions while reducing wear and tear.

  • Cleaning and Lubrication
  • Suitable for all mechanical parts
  • No Silicone or PTFE
  • Guranteed lubrication from -40C - +1000C
  • Corrosion protection



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