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Vihtavuori Premium N165 - 1kg

Vihtavuori Premium N165 - 1kg

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N165 A very slow burning powder for Magnum cartridges with heavy bullets. N165 offers performance equal to Norma MRP and Reloder 22. To be used with heavy bullets in calibers ranging from 6,5x55 SE all the way to .416 Rigby.


very good powderReview by kd
i use it in 25 06 &3006 this is the powder sticking with in my 2 firearms in my 3006 with the 175 grain lapua scenar in my 111 savage 22 inch barrel i am getting 2854 vel an my groups are all sub moa out 600 yard,s i realy like this powder N165 i have other rifles i am to try it into see what the results will be . (Posted on 2022-09-11)

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