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Tesro Smallbore Stock Evolution 20 Signum

Tesro Smallbore Stock Evolution 20 Signum

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Product Description


The TESRO Evolution 20 Signum Smallbore stock is the top model of the evolution line.

It is made from full material aluminum, meaning all pieces are machine milled out of solid aluminum blocks. Each stock is made to fit the specifications of the respective action type. NO ADAPTERS NEEDED TO FIT THE ACTION!!!

The precision milling is what provides you with the premium TESRO quality in durability, fit and finishing.

During its development, an optimal vibration behavior of the stock has been calculated with a special analytical software. The values have been optimized in a multitude of practical tests.


The included EVO hook buttplate features a multitude of adjustable segments which enables you to achieve the best fit of your rifle to your individual position.

The three main contact points of the Buttplate have been covered with a rubber layer which has been permanently fixed to the surface through vulcanization.

The rubber provides you with a maximum amount of grip in your shooting position.


The grip is availabe in small, medium, large and ambidextrous. 

It can be moved forward and backwards in its position on the stock. It is also swivelable to the sides, adjustable in its lateral position and turnable.


The cheekpiece is equipped with a click-system for offset adjustment and has a very generous range for linear adjustment.

To compliment the adjustments of grip and buttplate the cheekpiece can also be canted to the side.



  • high quality machined aluminium stock
  • no adapters required
  • minimal vibrations
  • stable base construction
  • narrow front stock
  • integrated t-groove
  • versatile adjustments on back stock
  • fast changeable butt plates
  • Weight - 2550g


Awsome ValueReview by Allan KCMO
I have an old Anschutz 1907 that predates the fall of the Berlin Wall. While the stock has some adjustments, it is no where as ergonomic as modern stocks.

I considered MEC, Tec-Hro, Anchutz, and Tesro for a replacement stock. Neither MEC or Tec-Hro returned my inquiries, Tesro was about $500US less than Anchutz, and I had read good things on other FB pages. With that I decided to try the Tesro, and no regrets

The stock arrived in a Tesro gun case that can be used to store the complete assembly

Industrial Design
The Tesro ID is current and modern. This is a product that will look up-to-date in five or ten year's time. I think it is ahead of the competition on design.

Fit and Finish
The stock is beautifully machined in a satin anodized finish. No tool marks or scratches anywhere. The clear anodizing will resist use better than the black painted stocks I have seen.

Disassembly from the vintage wooden stock to the new ALU stock took about five minutes. As with the original Anschutz stock, the mounting screws are ahead and underneath the trigger guard, so you will have to loosen the Tesro trigger guard to complete the last assembly.

The receiver snugs in nicely as the bolts are tightened up, and once assembled there is no movement between barrel and stock.

Great value for the money, and a beautifully finished gun.

This is a custom product that is not stocked in North America. was good at keeping me up-to-date with the delivery as it progressed.

I have no hesitation recommending this or any other Tesro stock replacement.
(Posted on 2017-06-05)

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