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Tesro RS100 Signum XMAS 2018 Special

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This budle inludes

  • Tesro RS 100 Signum Match Air Rifle

  • Tec-Hro Rifle Stand

  • 5000 Match Pellets

Save over $300 with this awesome bundle.

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Product Description


 RS100 Basic Comes standard with these features.
  • Premium match-diopter DIO 200
  • swivel premium front sight
  • buttplate ASK Signum
  • 200 bar / 300bar pressure technology
  • finely adjustable trigger
  • swivel cheekpiece
  • generous loading cavity
  • cocking lever mountable on both sides
  • adjustable grip and cheek piece
  • CNC-machined aluminium stock
  • dry firing mode
  • swivel handrest

Grip available in sizes: Large, Medium and Small

The RS100 Signum cheekpiece is adjustable horizontally, vertically and swivels and tilts for most suitable positioning.

The new front sight KT200 allows shooter to insert riser plates to vary the height of the front sight. Additionally the front sight can be moved laterally.

The buttplate of the RS100 Signum offers a huge amount of free adjustment, extension possibilities and offset options. Additionally it comes with our natural rubber coating SuperGrip to establish the best contact on the athletes shoulder.

All variants of the RS100 are delivered with an integrated accessory rail. This enables shooters to use a large selection of additional accessories in order to reach customized configuration of their personal rifle.

The new TEC-HRO stand 3.0 carbon is finally here!!!

Even lighter and easier to use!!!

The following new inntovation have been made:

  • new and light fiberglas/carbon pipes
  • weight reduced design on the three feet
  • quick release on the resting pad and ammunition holder
  • ammunition/pellet holder can be swiveled and has a special cutou for round tins
  • new angle for the feet (100° instead of 90°) to improve stability 

Because of the new materials the weight has been reducted to 1.25kg and an added height of 170cm max

Optional adapters are available to attach the ammunition holder on the bottom tube for shooting kneeling.

Advantages of the 3.0 Carbon

  • Rifle rest and ammunition holder are made of light and durable cnc-milled polymer
  • very small when collapsed (66 x 9 x 9 cm)
  • fast and easy to set up no tools required
  • the design of the stabilizing feet allows for maximum usage of floor space
  • the rifle rest is mounted on the side of the stand to minimize movement for resting rifle position
  • holes on the side of the ammunition rest allow for staroage of small tools that may need to be handy

First and foremost this stand supports the relief os train on the back and enables a more calm shooting process.It is one of the essential euqipment items in sportive and competitive shooting!

Additional Information

Additional Information

Caliber 4.5 mm/0.177
Trigger Weight 30-70g or 50-120g
Weight 4600g
Dimensions(L/W/H) 1070-1150m/50m/260m
Sight Radius 650-850m
Front Sight M22 / 4.0 mm
Barrel Length 420mm


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